Friday, June 5, 2015

Week of June 8th - 12th, 2015

Don't forget, you can download Processing from here.

Nested for() and while() loops in Processing
Continue to work on Simple Pong Game project

Remember, AI/Robotics presentations are due by 11:59 PM tonight. You can email me a Powerpoint or a link to a shared Google Slides presentation. Your filename should be of the format yourname per#.ppt, like fred jones per3.ppt.

Robotics/AI presentations begin. Everyone must be ready to go at the beginning of class!

Group 2 current events can be handed in:
p1: Emily M., Olivia, Christiana, Tay, Melissa, Bret, Nick S., Ryan, Matt
p2: Jennica, Heather, Shihab, Premila, Alexis, Jerin, Jeremy, Kat S., Mari

Continue with Robotics/AI presentations

Wrap up Robotics/AI presentations, if necessary.
Continue to work on Simple Pong Game project


Rutgers testing