Friday, May 30, 2014

Week of June 2nd - 6th, 2014

You can download JES here. The files to download are listed in the left-hand column under the green Featured banner. Use jes-4-3.exe for Windows, and for Mac.

  • continue to work on guessing game challenges with JES.
  • 45 minutes of class time to finish up guessing game challenges and code reviews
  • introduce lists, nested loops, range()
  • guessing game challenges due at lunchtime
  • why not do a current event?
  • continue with lists, nested loops, range()
  • begin working on loop homework
  • personal day for Mr. J.
  • everyone working independently on subroutine parameter slides and worksheet
  • can work on loop homework when done
  • loop homework due
  • review subroutine parameters, introduce JES drawing APIs
  • everyone working on list/loop/drawing challenges
  • for next Tuesday: read The Way of the Program - skip parts 1.9, 1.11.  Know the difference between syntax, runtime, and semantic errors, the difference between formal and natural languages, and the vocabulary in 1.10.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Week of May 26th - 30th, 2014

  • Memorial Day holiday, no school.  Take some time to think about the meaning of the day, and thank a vet while you're at it.
  • Last in-class time to work on RUR-PLE.  Please make sure that you have something constructive to do with your time if you've finished.
  • Hand out RUR-PLE test review sheet.
  • Remember, you can download RUR-PLE from here. Get the .exe for Windows, or the .dmg for OS X.
  • AI and Robotics paper due at the beginning of class, on paper and via turnitin.
  • Review for RUR-PLE test.
  • Introduce JES and Jython.  You can download JES here.  The files to download are listed in the left-hand column under the green Featured banner.  Use jes-4-3.exe for Windows, and for Mac.
  • RUR-PLE test
  • Students work on Intro to Jython Programming: Using JES when finished
  • Continue with Jython, begin Guessing Game challenges.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Week of May 19th - 23rd, 2014

Remember that your AI/Robotics paper is due on Wednesday, May 28th...


  • Review for Tuesday's test on computer hardware, history, operating systems
  • Start RUR-PLE: subroutines, for count in range()
  • You can download RUR-PLE from here. Get the .exe for Windows, or the .dmg for OS X.
  • Test on computer hardware, history, operating systems
  • Continue with RUR-PLE when finished
  • (Career day, shortened periods)
  • Introduce conditionals: if, if/else, if/elif, if/elif/else
  • Introduce while loop
  • Continue to work on RUR-PLE
  • Everyone should be well into the second set of exercises by the end of today
  • Continue to work on second RUR-PLE exercises

Friday, May 9, 2014

Week of May 12th - 16th, 2014

  • Computer hardware vocabulary due
  • Give out OS vocab, reading for Wednesday
  • Computer dissection
(Color wars: Formal Day)
(Color wars: Twins/Triplets Day)
  • Complete student survey
  • Current events accepted today
  • Complete computer hardware discussion
  • Discuss how a disk drive works
  • Read "How Do Operating Systems Work?" for today
  • Introduce operating systems: two roles, five jobs of an operating system
(Color wars: Athletes & Mathletes Day)
  • OS vocabulary sheet due
  • wrap up operating systems discussion
  • hands-on OS with terminal window
(Color wars: Team Colors Day, shortened periods)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Week of May 5th - 9th, 2014

  • Robotics/AI presentation topic signup opens at 7:30AM
  • Read Cartoon Guide to Computer through page 65 for today
  • Risks presentation (2nd period only)
  • Introduce Soldering: How To Solder video, in-class worksheet
  • Hardware basics - input, output, storage, processing worksheet
  • Begin discussing history of computers - Jacquard, Babbage
  • Video: Babbage's Difference Engine
  • Read Soldering is Easy handout for today 
  • Part III of medical informatics due - summaries of other group topics, reflection
  • Soldering lab - build a blinky thing:
  • Why not do a current event?
  • Finish Cartoon Guide packet for today
  • Discuss basic electronics - circuits, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, transistors
  • Continue with computer history through Hollerith
  • Give out computer hardware vocabulary worksheet - due Monday
  • Mr. J. out.  Students will work on Robotics/AI paper.
  • Shortened periods, distance learning in media center
  • Videos: