Friday, May 23, 2014

Week of May 26th - 30th, 2014

  • Memorial Day holiday, no school.  Take some time to think about the meaning of the day, and thank a vet while you're at it.
  • Last in-class time to work on RUR-PLE.  Please make sure that you have something constructive to do with your time if you've finished.
  • Hand out RUR-PLE test review sheet.
  • Remember, you can download RUR-PLE from here. Get the .exe for Windows, or the .dmg for OS X.
  • AI and Robotics paper due at the beginning of class, on paper and via turnitin.
  • Review for RUR-PLE test.
  • Introduce JES and Jython.  You can download JES here.  The files to download are listed in the left-hand column under the green Featured banner.  Use jes-4-3.exe for Windows, and for Mac.
  • RUR-PLE test
  • Students work on Intro to Jython Programming: Using JES when finished
  • Continue with Jython, begin Guessing Game challenges.