Friday, May 30, 2014

Week of June 2nd - 6th, 2014

You can download JES here. The files to download are listed in the left-hand column under the green Featured banner. Use jes-4-3.exe for Windows, and for Mac.

  • continue to work on guessing game challenges with JES.
  • 45 minutes of class time to finish up guessing game challenges and code reviews
  • introduce lists, nested loops, range()
  • guessing game challenges due at lunchtime
  • why not do a current event?
  • continue with lists, nested loops, range()
  • begin working on loop homework
  • personal day for Mr. J.
  • everyone working independently on subroutine parameter slides and worksheet
  • can work on loop homework when done
  • loop homework due
  • review subroutine parameters, introduce JES drawing APIs
  • everyone working on list/loop/drawing challenges
  • for next Tuesday: read The Way of the Program - skip parts 1.9, 1.11.  Know the difference between syntax, runtime, and semantic errors, the difference between formal and natural languages, and the vocabulary in 1.10.