Friday, May 2, 2014

Week of May 5th - 9th, 2014

  • Robotics/AI presentation topic signup opens at 7:30AM
  • Read Cartoon Guide to Computer through page 65 for today
  • Risks presentation (2nd period only)
  • Introduce Soldering: How To Solder video, in-class worksheet
  • Hardware basics - input, output, storage, processing worksheet
  • Begin discussing history of computers - Jacquard, Babbage
  • Video: Babbage's Difference Engine
  • Read Soldering is Easy handout for today 
  • Part III of medical informatics due - summaries of other group topics, reflection
  • Soldering lab - build a blinky thing:
  • Why not do a current event?
  • Finish Cartoon Guide packet for today
  • Discuss basic electronics - circuits, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, transistors
  • Continue with computer history through Hollerith
  • Give out computer hardware vocabulary worksheet - due Monday
  • Mr. J. out.  Students will work on Robotics/AI paper.
  • Shortened periods, distance learning in media center
  • Videos: