Friday, April 22, 2016

Week of April 25th - 29th, 2016

Continue with 5 jobs of an operating system: processor management, memory and storage management, device management, application interface, and user interface
User interface videos:

Introduce file names and paths.

Wrap up file names and paths.

Do hands-on OS with terminal window
Hand out review sheet for test on computer hardware, history, operating systems - Thursday, April 28th
Introduce Arduino, Sparkfun Inventor's Kit, begin Arduino labs


Group 2 AI/Robotics current events:
P1: Katherine I., Eric, Thomas, Carly, Jillian
P2: Amanda, James, Nicholas, Grace, Andrey

Continue with Arduino labs

Review for test
Continue with Arduino labs -- last day?  We shall see. . . 

test on computer hardware, history, operating systems
when finished, work on Robotics/AI paper