Friday, September 23, 2016

Week of September 26th - 30th, 2016

Note: I have decided to move the "computer pioneers" project due date to Tuesday, October 4th, at the beginning of class, on paper and via turnitin. 

Wrap up computer security unit,  discuss:
Video (in class):

Pass out review sheet for Friday's test

Introduce Medical Informatics unit and projects

All groups working on informatics project. Each group must create a google docs presentation and share it with Mr. J. by the end of the period
Some sources to start with are at:

JSUMC orientation

Group 3 current events:
per 1: Grace, Ayaan, Hania, Nick, Matt
per 2: Katya, Anusha, Hannah, Erin, Candace

Go over review sheet, answer questions in preparation for test
In time remaining, continue to work on Medical Informatics project.

Test on binary/hex numbers, analog/digital information, internet technology, and computer security.