Friday, May 26, 2017

Week of May 29th - June 2nd, 2017

Memorial Day.  Take a minute to thank a vet.

Color wars begins!  Today is Babies & Geriatrics Day.  Grade 10 dresses as geriatrics -- your costume must include at least 3 items.

Continue with interactions with Processing
Start working on Pong game


Surf & Turf Day.  Dress as a land animal of your choice.  No amphibians.   Penguins (Pittsburgh or otherwise), ducks, and pelicans are off limits, but other birds are considered to be land animals.

Everyone working on Pong game

Alien day.  Alien means "not from earth", not "non-US citizen".
First Processing sketch due by the end of lunchtime

Last class time to finish up Pong game - 15-20 minutes.  It will be due next Tuesday at the end of lunch.
Introduce final Processing project (Don't panic! . . . it should be fun. )
Introduce translate, rotate, scale.
Introduce working with pixels.

Team color day.  Go Gray!
Wrap up working with pixels.

Robotics and AI presentations will begin Monday, June 5th. Everyone must have shared their presentation with me by 5:00 AM on June 5th -- either email me a powerpoint file or share a Google Slides presentation by then.

Important - name your presentation or powerpoint file "lastname period", like "Jones per2". I will deduct 1 point if it is not correctly named.

You must be ready to present on Monday, even though you may not actually present until Tuesday or even Wednesday. Presenters will be chosen at random by a computer program.