Friday, September 8, 2017

Week of September 11th - 15th, 2017

Continue discussing digital representation of sounds and images, digital cameras, CAT scans
Discuss internet try-at-home - due Wednesday, see below.
A little bit about pixels from
Pixel widgets from
Aloe Blacc talking about compression from
Text compression widget from
Let's enhance. . . Gigapixel images

Homework due today: Internet vocabulary
Wrap up digital representation of images and sounds, CAT scan
Begin internet discussion of internet history and technology
The Lighting of the Beacons
What is the Internet?
Wires, Cables, and Wifi
IP addresses and DNS
Packets, Routing, and Reliability

Homework due today: Do TCP/IP try-at-home for Windows 7, and Mac OS/X. Windows 10 users, this page may be helpful if you can't figure out how to get telnet to work.
Group 1 current events due today:
P1: Riley, Safwan, Carolyn, Jenna, Logan
P2: Leyla, Rudra, Matan, Vincenzo, Tara
Remember to enter your topic here and be sure no one else from your section is already doing it.

Continue with discussion of Internet technology.
IP addresses and DNS
Packets, Routing, and Reliability

Homework due today:  Read Secret Geek A-Team Hacks Back, Defends Worldwide Web and turn in this worksheet.  
Recommended but not required:  Here's an example of how big a deal a compromised DNS can be: Hackers Hijacked Bank's Entire Online Operation

Introduce Computer Pioneer project

Wrap up discussion of Internet technology
Demo Visual traceroute
News report from 1981
DNS Explained video

Review: HTTP and HTML
Demonstrate HTTP with Firefox developer tools

Homework due today: Read  How Target Figured Out a Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did and How to see everything Google knows about you

Begin discussion of Google, cloud computing, dynamic web pages
Videos: Being a Google Autocompleter (2:37)
How Google Search works (3:15)
How Search Ads Work (2:38)
How Google Apps Work (1:51)
Google Data Center (4:52)