Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week of Sep 22nd - 26th

(App Evaluation Project due - on paper and via turnitin)
Review AppInventor quiz
Review Verizon App Challenge  - creativity, smartphone resources
Groups review and evaluate problems from brainstorming session, prepare 5Ws and elevator pitches for apps. Here is the link for your elevator pitch.
Pass out Verizon consent forms and letter.  You can get the consent form online here.

Turn in Verizon consent forms!  Please!
Make sure you have submitted the elevator pitch (link is above)
Continue with problem/project evaluation exercise
Students present elevator pitches, vote on most promising - reduce to 6 candidates per class
Here's an inspiring example of what's possible.  (These were middle school kids, by the way.)
Here's the BTHS entry that was best in state last year.

(Why not do a current event?)
If you didn't submit an elevator pitch yesterday, your homework assignment for today is to submit TWO, in writing, by the beginning of class.
Last chance for Verizon consent forms
Break into teams, start working!

No school

JSUMC rotation