Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week of Sept 15th-19th

JSUMC orientation
MoleMash writeup due


for Tuesday, read about sprite animation in App Inventor 2
In class, we will work through the Pong tutorial and then do some extensions


(Why not do a current event?)
for Wednesday, read about making a slideshow app that can step through a list of images.  You may find this confusing - try to follow along, we will clear up any questions in class.
We won't actually be making a slideshow, we'll be making a quiz app.  Here are the directions.
When you finish the basic app, extend it:
  • make it speak - have it say "You answered " + your answer (use the Join block) and have it say "Correct" or "Nope" or something school-appropriate
  • make it count correct and incorrect answers
  • make the background change colors for correct and incorrect answers, and go back to white when you move on to the next question.
  • think about how to make it be multiple choice.  Tricky!  You might want to look into how to work with lists of lists. . . 
Review for quiz on AppInventor
Introduce group App project based on the Verizon App Challenge.  In particular, here are the guidelines for Education, Healthcare, and Sustainability that they offer.

Hand out "App Investigation" project - due Monday.

Here are some links to help you get started with this:
quiz on AppInventor
continue with group App project

Here is the link for your elevator pitch.