Saturday, November 8, 2014

Week of November 10th-14th

Some time reserved at beginning of class to look at one another's web sites.
Give out midterm review sheet. Or you can see it here.
Begin discussion of Google, cloud computing, dynamic web pages.

Go over any questions for the midterm.
Read Cookie Monsters.
Continue with discussion of dynamic web pages.

(Last opportunity for current events for this marking period)
Midterm exam - both sections will take the test today, period 1 at 7:35, period 2 at 9:00.

Computer Pioneer presentations - 60 - 120 seconds, no notes or slides.  

In remaining time, begin unit on computer security, privacy, and cyberwar.
Video (in class): FBI Ransom Computer Virus

Readings for today:

Video (in class): Business Casual G-Men
Readings for today: