Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Week of Dec 1st - 5th

Robotics/AI presentation topic signup opens at 7:30AM
(read "Cartoon Guide" through page 65 for today)
Introduce Soldering: How To Solder video, in-class worksheet
Hand out "Soldering is Easy" - read for Wednesday
Hand out computer hardware vocabulary worksheet - due Friday
Hardware basics - input, output, storage, processing worksheet in class
Begin discussing history of computers - Jacquard, Babbage
Video: Babbage's Difference Engine


No class, Grand Rounds at JSUMC
(part 2 of Medical Informatics due - turn in before or after JSUMC)
Here are links to the presentations, to use as reference:
First period presentations:
Second period presentations:
(Group 1 current events:
p1: Anuj, Owen, Chris, Steph, Zonera, John, Brie, Jack, Keleb
p2: Mahmoud, Rachel, Sanjana, Lily, Keri, Lauren, Jackie, Grace, Mike, Katrina)

Soldering lab - build a blinky thing.
Discuss basic electronics - circuits, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, transistors

Finish Cartoon Guide packet for today
Continue with computer history
Introduce computer bus and bus services


(computer hardware vocab due)
give out OS vocab, reading for next week
dissect old PCs