Friday, December 5, 2014

Week of Dec 8th-12th

(turn in computer dissection worksheets)

Introduce computer bus and bus services
Discuss computer chips, Moore's Law
video: How do they make computer chips?
Fetch/execute cycle
Experiment with the Visible Computer
Discuss modern computer history: 1960s to today

Complete computer hardware discussion
Discuss how a disk drive works
Read "How Do Operating Systems Work?" for today
Introduce operating systems: two roles, five jobs of an operating system

(OS vocabulary sheet due)

(Group 2 can turn in a current event:
p1: Kusal, Alicia, Lamissa, Melina, Brandon, Serena, Katie, Nikki, Alona
p2: Meera, Donovan, Aliya, Anita, Sakik, Nicole, Olivia, Konrad, Ben)

wrap up operating systems discussion
hands-on OS with terminal window

Give out review sheet for test on Monday
File names and paths
User interface videos

review for Monday's test
we dive into programming: video
introduce RUR-PLE
You can download RUR-PLE here.