Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week of January 5th - 9th, 2015

Introduce JES and Jython
Students work on Intro to Jython Programming: Using JES

Continue with Jython, begin Guessing Game challenges
Note that the URL for the second extra credit problem is incorrect.   The correct one is here.

(Group 2 can turn in a current event:
p1: Kusal, Alicia, Lamissa, Melina, Brandon, Serena, Katie, Nikki, Alona
p2: Meera, Donovan, Aliya, Anita, Sakik, Nicole, Olivia, Konrad, Ben)
continue to work on Guessing Game challenges

Class time to work on Guessing Game challenges.  (Due at beginning of class on Tuesday.)

AI/Robotics paper due at beginning of class, on paper and via turnitin.  You can also turn it in on Monday, Jan 12th with a 3 point penalty.
~ 30 minutes to complete Guessing Game challenges and code review.
Introduce lists, nested loops, range()