Friday, January 9, 2015

Week of Jan 12th - 16th, 2015

1) You can download JES from here. We are using version 4.3.
2) The presentations will begin on Tuesday, Jan 20th.  You must email me a powerpoint or link to Google Slides by 11:59 PM on Monday, Jan 19th.

(You can turn Robotics/AI paper in today with a 3% penalty)
Review lists, range, loops and nested loops, complete and review in-class exercises.
Hand out loop homework, some class time to work on it
Start subroutine and parameters slides

Guessing Game challenges due

Complete subroutine and parameter slides
Do subroutine parameter exercises in class.
Introduce JES drawing APIs
Begin JES List and Graphics Challenges

(Group 1 current events:
p1: Anuj, Owen, Chris, Steph, Zonera, John, Brie, Jack, Keleb
p2: Mahmoud, Rachel, Sanjana, Lily, Keri, Lauren, Jackie, Grace, Mike, Katrina)
Loop homework due
Class time to work on JES List and Graphics Challenges

for today, read The Way of the Program - skip parts 1.9, 1.11. Know the difference between syntax, runtime, and semantic errors, the difference between formal and natural languages, and the vocabulary in 1.10.
Discuss subroutines that return values (known as functions)
Start codingbat worksheet

Continue with return values, codingbat