Friday, September 18, 2015

Week of September 21st - 25th, 2015

JSUMC orientation

Test: Binary/hex numbers, analog/digital conversion, internet technologies
Complete 1st HTML exercise, begin second HTML exercise when done with test

Holiday, no school

(Group 1 current events can be handed in:
P1: Maya, Stephen, Charlotte, Quinn, Josh, Dana, May, Zack H., Alfred, Ritik
P2: Vishwak, Neil, Brian, Lauren C., Tanay, Dan, Lauren H., Matthew, Bryan, Ali)
Discuss CSS: <style> tag, style= attribute, external stylesheets
Give out "Ducks in a Row" worksheet, demonstrate access to web server

hand out Graphic Design Principles reading for Monday

Demonstrate HTML validator
Everyone working on "Ducks in a Row"
3 page website assignment available when finished