Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Welcome to Principles of Computer Technology, Fall '15!

Week of September 8 - 11, 2015

Who Are You? - a survey to help me know a little about you
Discuss rules and expectations, course outline, current events assignment
Give out Good Questions assignment, start in class - due Thursday


(Students should have registered for turnitin by today)
(Group 1 current events can be handed in:
P1: Maya, Stephen, Charlotte, Quinn, Josh, Dana, May, Zack H., Alfred, Ritik
P2: Vishwak, Neil, Brian, Lauren C., Tanay, Dan, Lauren H., Matthew, Bryan, Alex)
Introduce binary/hex numbers

Give out binary/hex worksheet
"Good Questions" homework due
Complete binary/hex numbers discussion
Begin discussing digital representation of sounds and images, digital cameras, CAT scans
Video: Autotune on Nova

(Binary numbers worksheet due)
(Give out internet vocab sheet, due Wednesday)
Complete discussion of digital representation of sounds, images, and CAT scans.

 begin internet discussion of internet history and technology
Video: Let's Enhance