Friday, December 18, 2015

Week of December 21st - 23rd, 2015

Everybody working on Scratch projects.
Remember that your documentation is 25% of your grade. . . . leave some time to do a good job on it.

Last classroom time to work on Scratch projects.

To turn in the actual program, go to "file->download to your computer" menu item, and download the program file to your computer. Name it "period - yourname.sb2" so it looks like "per1 - fredsmith.sb2" for example, and email it to me. If the file is too big to email, you
can give it to me on a USB, or we will figure something out.

Also, share your project on the Scratch website, and then put the url in this spreadsheet so that everyone can admire your work.
(Shortened period for alumni day) 
Group 2 current events:
P1: Zachary K, Michael, Emily, Juliet, Varoon, Noel, Eesha, Elena, Alex
P2: Jess, Reese, Karly, Ian, Katharine, Mayuri, Deven, Arianna, Stacy
Scratch projects due -- paper documentation handed in and .sb2 file emailed to Mr. J.  We will take the period to admire one another's projects.

Upcoming deadline:
Remember that your Robotics and AI paper is due on Friday, January 8th.  You can choose to turn it in on Monday, January 11th for a 2% penalty.  Every day after the 11th incurs an 8% penalty.

Have a great holiday, everyone!  See you next year!