Friday, December 4, 2015

Week of December 7th - 11th, 2015

Finish up "Getting Acquainted with Scratch" worksheet - do #18 and #19 if time allows.
Start "Walking Boy" project when finished

Scratch homework #1 due at beginning of class
"Getting Acquainted with Scratch" due at beginning of class
Give out Scratch homework #2.
All students working on Walking Boy game.
aMazeMent project available for those who finish

Group 2 current events can be handed in:

P1: Zachary K, Michael, Emily, Juliet, Varoon, Noel, Eesha, Elena, Alex
P2: Jess, Reese, Karly, Ian, Katharine, Mayuri, Deven, Arianna, Stacy
Finish up Walking Boy, start aMazeMent
Walking Boy writeup due at end of 

Scratch homework #2 due at beginning of class

Introduce first set of programming concepts: if/forever vs if, broadcast/broadcast and wait, race conditions, state variables
all students working on aMazeMent

Scratch Turtle Graphics drawing exercises in class
All students working on aMazeMent - today is the last in-class time. Maze project is due at beginning of class on Monday.  In addition to the written work, make sure your project is publicly visible on the web site, and copy the URL to this spreadsheet so that others can try it out.
Students who have finished maze can start project.

Give out Scratch homework #3.