Sunday, September 1, 2013

Welcome to Fall 2013!

Console of a UNIVAC 90/60 Mainframe Computer,
from 1972  (Wikimedia Commons)

Principles of Computer Technology for Fall 2013

Week of September 9-13

Here are a few links you'll need for the first day of class.  For all of these, you need to be signed into your email account.
  • Who Are You? - a survey to help me know a little about you
  • What Do You Know? - a survey to help me evaluate how much the class already knows about things we're going to be discussing this semester.  This is anonymous.
  • Current Events Article Signups - takes you to the Google Doc spreadsheet for entering your current event articles, and making sure that no one from your period has already done it.
Make sure you've created a turnitin account by the beginning of class today!
Introduction to programming with Scratch 2.0
  • "Ask Some Good Questions" homework due
  • Continue to work on "Getting Acquainted with Scratch" worksheet
  • Start "Walking Boy" homework if finished
  • "Getting Acquainted with Scratch" due - hand in #15, #17 (by the end of lunch period)
  • Everyone working on "Walking Boy"
  • Maze project available if finished

  • Walking Boy homework due by the end of lunch period
  • Everyone working on Maze project
  • Make sure your Scratch Maze project is shared, and then put a link to it by your name in this google spreadsheet so that others can see it.