Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week of Sept 16 - 20, 2013

  • JSUMC Orientation
  • Everyone working on Maze project.  Individual Scratch Projects handout available if you finish.

  • Group A Current Topic writeup due.  (Period 1: Nusayba, Maria, Alyssa, Jasper, Alex,  and Jared. Period 2: Gianna, Heidi, Anthony, John, Dan, and Katharine.)
  • Maze projects due at beginning of class. Make sure your project is shared, and then put a link to it beside your name on this Google spreadsheet.  We will take 15 minutes at the beginning of class to allow you to share your work.
  • Discuss Scratch concepts - parallelism and threads, broadcast, race conditions, cloning, "more blocks", etc.
  • Introduce Individual Scratch Projects assignment
  • Group A oral presentations
  • Everyone working on Individual Scratch Projects
  • Everyone working on Individual Scratch Projects
  • The project handout says that the preliminary homework for Scratch Project is due at the beginning of class.  I have changed that, it will now be due at END of class.