Friday, September 27, 2013

Week of Sept 30 - Oct 4, 2013

  • Scratch projects due at the beginning of class
    • hand in printed writeup
    • to turn in the actual program,  go to "file->download to your computer" menu item, and download the program file to your computer.  Name it "period - yourname.sb2" so it looks like "per1 - malvika.sb2" for example, and email it to me.  If the file is too big to email, you can bring it in on a USB, or we will figure something out. 
    • make sure your project is shared on the Scratch website, then add your URL beside your name on this spreadsheet.  This will allow your classmates to admire your work, and you to admire theirs.
  • Go over Scratch quizzes. 
  • Introduction to HTML and CSS.
  • Hand out "Computer Pioneers" project.
  • Give out Design Principles handout - read it for Wednesday.  There will be a simple quiz.
  • Continue to work on First HTML exercises, due by the end of lunch.  Students who finish early can work on Pioneers project.
  • Start presentation on CSS styles.
  • Second HTML assignment available. 
  • Quiz on CRAP design principles.
  • Group C current topic writeups due
  • Discuss design principles.
  • Everyone working on second HTML assignment.

  • Group C current topic discussions
  • Everyone working on second HTML assignment.
  • JSUMC rotation #1