Friday, March 6, 2015

Week of March 9th - 13th, 2015

(Query students on medical informatics topic preferences.)

Begin discussion of computer security.
Security readings for today:

Video (in class): Business Casual G-Men, FBI Ransom Computer Virus
Security readings for today:

(Group 2 current events can be handed in:
p1: Emily M., Olivia, Christiana, Tay, Melissa, Bret, Nick S., Ryan, Matt
p2: Jennica, Heather, Shihab, Premila, Alexis, Jerin, Jeremy, Kat S., Mari)

Video (in class): Sabotaging the System (2009) (backup links: part1 part2) (use Firefox), Stuxnet (2012)
Security readings for today:

Give out review sheet for test on Monday

Start Medical Informatics discussion:
In class, watch CBS News video: Charting A New Course

All groups working on informatics project. Each group must create a google docs presentation and share it with Mr. J. by the end of the period

Some sources to start with are at:

Continue to work on Medical Informatics
I will look over what you have finished and get comments back to you by Monday morning.