Friday, February 5, 2016

Week of February 8th - 12th, 2016

Continue discussion of internet history and technology
Video: What is Information Theory?

Video: Morse code and the information age
Video: Warriors of the Net

Internet vocab due at beginning of class
For today, read Secret Geek A-Team Hacks Back, Defends Worldwide Web and turn in this worksheet.
Give out computer pioneers project
Video: DNS Explained
Video: The Internet of Things

TCP/IP try-at-home due. Here are worksheets for Windows 7 and Mac OS X. If you run into problems with any of the commands, take your answer from these screen shots -- what you would have seen if it had worked.
Current events:
P1: Juliana, Emily, Kristen, Alexander, Edward
P2: Keely, Abigail, Katelin, Lauren, Neha

Remember to enter your topic here and be sure no one else from your section is already doing it.
Wrap up internet technology discussion
Hand out review sheet for test on binary/hex numbers, digital representation of information, internet technology.
Begin HTML unit.

Go over review sheet, answer any questions before test on Tuesday.
Complete HTML intro, work on first HTML exercises in class.

Test: Binary/hex numbers, analog/digital conversion, internet technologies
Complete 1st HTML exercise, begin second HTML exercise when done with test